Zippos Circus




Everything below refers to our tour. If you need information about our shows at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, please see the official website:

What are the seating options within the circus tent?

Have a look at our latest seating plan to see the different areas of the circus tent and the ticket prices. 


Can I choose a seat number? Is there allocated seating?

We do not have allocated seating. You simply book for a seating area of the circus tent (see the latest seating plan) and then when you arrive, our Front of House ushers will take you to your seats. 


Is it all seated or are there standing areas in the circus tent?


There are no standing areas. Whether you choose Grandstand, Deluxe or Ringside, everyone gets a seat.

I made two bookings for my family. Can we sit together?

Yes. Please arrive together so we can ensure this happens. 


Can children come on their own?

Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.


When should I arrive?

We open the doors between 30 minutes and 45 minutes before showtime. Please queue outside with your whole group so you can be seated together.


Do I need to print my tickets?


Thank you for booking in advance. You do not need to print your tickets but can if you choose to. As long as we can see the ticket scannable code, it is fine to show your tickets on your smartphone at the big top entrance when you arrive. 


Can I pay by card?

At the Ticket Office, you can pay by contactless debit card payment. We would also prefer contactless debit card payments at the cafe, if possible.


Can I take a pushchair/pram into the circus tent?

Unfortunately, pushchairs and prams are not allowed inside the big top due to fire regulations. However, there is a designated 'Buggy Park' in our foyer tent where they can be left at your own risk. There is always a member of staff in the area as it is near to the cafe. 

You can only take in the car seat part of a 'travel system' as long it does not block the aisles or take up a seat. Children and babies under two years old, do not require a ticket as long as they sit on a parent or guardian's lap. 


Where is the circus currently performing?

There is a Locations section in the main menu on our website. Each location has a dedicated page including show information, a full address, travel information, dates, showtimes and a link to 'Book Now'. 


Do you have any discounts?


Zippos Circus has always been generous so yes, we do offer some discount codes. Have a look at the Zippos Circus Facebook Page under 'Events' or 'About' to see what's available right now. 

Note, we no longer print discount vouchers/flyers. But you can quote the promo code from the Facebook Page About section at the on-site Ticket Office to book directly and with no booking fee.

Why can't I use a discount code for the first night?

We want everyone to be able to afford a trip to the circus so we regularly offer a First Night Preview with heavily discounted tickets. With tickets for all usually under £10 it does mean we can't offer further discounts.


What is the First Day Preview show?

We often call the first show in a new location the First Day Preview. It is the same full-length show but we usually offer very cheap tickets. It's always best to book early as this night often sells out in advance.


How much are the tickets?

You can check the latest ticket prices on our website.

Children and babies under two years old, do not require a ticket as long as they sit on an accompanying parent or guardian's lap. 


How long is the show?

Allow two hours as the show is around 1 hour 50 minutes. We do include a 15-20 minute interval. So if you come to the 3pm show, you should be out by 5pm.


Does Zippos Circus have animals in the show?

No. We no longer have any animals in our show. You can read more here


Shopkeepers' Loyalty Ticket

Firstly, thank you for displaying a Zippos Circus poster. As stated on the ticket, this is for adults only and cannot be used for children. We do offer discounted tickets for accompanying children when booked at the same time.

Please fill in the requested information and bring the Loyalty Ticket to our on-site Ticket Office where it can be exchanged for tickets upon purchasing a souvenir brochure (also available at the on-site Ticket Office).

The Ticket Office is in front of the circus tent so it's easy to find. We are usually set up at least a day before the first show.

Ticket Office Opening Hours:
England: Weekdays 12noon – 8pm, Weekends & Bank Holidays 10am – 8pm
Scotland: Weekdays 9am – 8pm, Weekends: Bank Holidays 9am – 8pm

The Shopkeepers' Loyalty Ticket offer cannot be booked online; you must come to the on-site Ticket Office. We cannot reserve tickets so the only way to claim these tickets, and guarantee entry, is to come to the on-site Ticket Office. 

If you cannot attend on the date stamped on your ticket, you can book for a different show excluding the mid-afternoon weekend shows (3pm or 4pm on Saturdays and Sundays).

Do note, the Shopkeepers' Loyalty Ticket does not guarantee entry until you purchase the souvenir brochure and receive the two adult tickets. This is especially important if it is a First Day Preview show as these usually sell out in advance.


I'm disabled. Do you offer a carer ticket?

If you are disabled, our online booking system has Wheelchair/Non-Wheelchair ticket booking options available for all shows. These include an extra ticket for an assistant. Choose the show you would like to attend at

Please see the latest seating plan as we now have a dedicated area for wheelchairs (added in 2024). 

Non-wheelchair-disabled customers will be given the best seats available upon arrival.


Is Cirque Berserk the same as Zippos Circus?

The short answer is no. Cirque Berserk is a very different show to Zippos Circus. Here's a more detailed explanation: Is Cirque Berserk the same as Zippos Circus?


I'm a circus performer. Can I work for Zippos Circus?

We ask all circus performers to contact circus management by email. Please send an email to [email protected] and include video links of your work (YouTube, etc), plus your visa status for performing in the UK and your availability.

We receive a lot of emails so please be patient. Sending a message to the Zippos Circus Facebook Page will not get a faster response. 


I'm a lighting technician/electrician/HGV driver, can I have a job?

Please send your CV by email to [email protected]


Can I hire circus equipment?

Yes, we have a separate website dedicated to circus equipment hire where circus tents, props are more are available. Please see: