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Is Cirque Berserk the same as Zippos Circus?

Is Cirque Berserk the same as Zippos Circus?


The short answer is no. Cirque Berserk is a very different show to Zippos Circus.

Cirque Berserk is 'real circus made for theatre'. That means it's a theatrical production that is designed to be performed on a stage in a theatre. The Zippos Circus show is designed to be performed in a circus ring inside a big top circus tent. 

Zippos Circus always has a Ringmaster who comperes the show. They introduce the acts and interact with the audience. They read out birthday messages and manage all that goes on in the circus ring. Cirque Berserk does not have a Ringmaster or a narrator. There is no interaction with the audience as this is a fast-paced theatre production. The acts are sometimes happening at the same time as we want to keep your attention focused on the stage. In the Zippos Circus show, each group of performers takes a bow when their act is finished. This allows time for the audience to show their appreciation with claps and cheers. In the Cirque Berserk production there isn't always time for that pause so, please, clap when you see something you like.

As the Cirque Berserk show is created to be performed inside theatres the costumes are different and the music is more dramatic. Zippos Circus often uses bright colours and fun pop songs, but Cirque Berserk is all about the drama. The lighting inside the circus tent can be brighter whereas theatres usually have much lower light levels.

The reason some people ask if it is the same show is that many of the Zippos Circus performers also appear in the Cirque Berserk show. But think of it as an actor who appears in different films. It may be the same actor but they portray different characters in a different story. Our performers are highly skilled and versatile so may have a different act in the Zippos Circus show and the Cirque Berserk show. 

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