Zippos Circus



"This show is one of the best, it’s so full of life-affirming zest. Right now, it’s unmissable. "

The Telegraph (August 2020)

"You feel like an awestruck child!"

The Guardian

"“One clown has his head pushed into a bucket of water five times. Every time was different and more hilarious than the last. I roared with laughter, more than I ever have in a theatre or cinema. The circus was Zippos Circus …. I thoroughly recommend the experience”"

Paul Merton, Sunday Telegraph

"Give me the smell of sawdust. Give me something that kickstarts the adrenalin and sends you home with a smile. Give me Zippos Circus."

The Stage

"Heartstoppingly Good Fun!"

Time Out

"One of the most thrilling circus acts I have ever seen!"

The Daily Express

"Zippos makes Cirque du Soleil look wimpish!"

Daily Telegraph